A musical and choreographic dialog, a meeting between greek and african mythologies, a clash of cultures.

The choreographic story is based on musics of the XX° and XXI° Century, those of Iannis Xenakis ("Psappha"), Raphaël Cendo ("Rokh") inspired by two figures of the Greek Antiquity (Psapphô and Phénix), and of Alexandros Markeas ("Morphosis") inspired by the " Métamorphoses" by Ovide.

Still today sources of inspiration, the greek and african mythologies have in common they embrace questions of supernatural Gods ruling on universe, divinities invoqued by men and question spirits and geniuses.

If this common cultural immaginary is shared , he does not erase differences and oppositions about the design of the work and its process. Through a dialog overtaking these differencies, "On the Ring" tries to make a choreographic and musical space shared by actors, "Snake", -a cameroonese selfmade street dancer, choreographer and performer, musicians of the Ensemble Alternance and a composer, Alexandros Markeas, coming from the the european tradition and culture.

Iannis Xenakis « Psappha »
Alexandros Markeas « Morphosis » (w.p)
Raphaël Cendo « Rokh I »


"On the Ring" , a co-production of "Détours de Babel" festival (Grenoble) and the French Institute-Yaoundé (Cameroon)
supported by the SPEDIDAM and SACEM (private copy)